CPIH-Zuma Energía achieves Top 2 as a private renewable energy producer in Mexico

On 8 December 2023, CPIH-Zuma completed the acquisition from InfraRed and Invex a majority stake of the 216 MW operational solar portfolio.

08, 2023 - Ciudad de México - por Administrador

• On 8 December 2023, CPIH-Zuma completed the acquisition from InfraRed and Invex a majority stake of the 216 MW operational solar portfolio.

• Together with the acquisition, CPIH-Zuma Energía aggregated 1.3 GW of installed capacity in the country.

• With this acquisition, the company reinforces its commitment and confidence in further developing Mexico's renewable power sector.

Mexico City, December 8, 2023.- Given the growing energy demand that the country faces, and the national drive for greener energy, the renewable power sector in Mexico remains promising. Poised to support the energy transition in Mexico, the SPIC group, the global leading clean energy investor and IPP, and the ultimate parent company of Zuma Energía in Mexico, announced the majority acquisition of three solar parks from InfraRed and INVEX in Chihuahua. The remaining minority shareholdings are owned by AINDA, a renown and reputable private equity fund in Mexico.

The acquisition added 216 MW to its installed capacity in the country, rendering Zuma Energia the second-largest private renewable generation company in Mexico.

Currently, Zuma Energía has operations in Sonora, Chihuahua, and Jalisco with solar parks, and in Tamaulipas and Oaxaca with wind farms. In addition, opportunities are already being sought in Puebla, Querétaro, Yucatán, and Monterrey with clean energy projects and investments in new lines of business such as storage, electric vehicle solutions, solar panels, Smart Cities, and Smart Energy.

The integration of the Jaguar Solar project portfolio reinforces trust and commitment to the country to achieve the energy transition by expanding its investments in renewable generation for the betterment of society and the economy.

About CPIH-Zuma Energy

State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) is one of the largest power generator in China, and global leading investor and IPP of clean energy. Its installed capacity totals close to 250 GW worldwide, and its investments, operations, and services cover 47 countries and regions. In Mexico, SPIC acquired Zuma Energía in 2020 via CPIH. Currently, we have an installed capacity of 1.3 GW in five states. Our portfolio of services and solutions includes renewable generation, smart energy, electric vehicle solutions, battery energy storage systems, and solar panels.

China Power International Holding Limited (CPIH) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of SPIC, owning approximately 54GW of wind, solar, gas-fired, coal-fired, waste-to-energy, hydro and co-generation assets. CPIH is designated as SPIC’s main development and investment platform of overseas power generation projects. 

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