We are one of the largest generators of renewable energy in Mexico, with a current installed capacity of 1.3 GW. This is possible thanks to our 6 solar plants (856 MW) and 2 wind farms (474 MW), strategically distributed in five Mexican states.
"By 2022 we generated a total of 2,342 GWh of clean energy."

In other words:

We generate enough energy to supply the annual consumption of 1.42 million homes in 2022.
The energy produced by us could meet the needs of 5.1 million people.
In addition, our generation in 2022 avoided the emission of 1,018,882 tons of CO2, contributing significantly to the preservation of our environment.

At SPIC- Zuma Energía, we are committed to a sustainable and clean future for Mexico. We will continue to work to expand our capacity and bring even more renewable energy to the entire country.

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Mapa de México
Mapa de México
Mapa de México
Mapa de México
Mapa de México
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Wind farms
Solar farms
We have a wide range of solutions for all types of electric vehicles which meet any company's transportation.
Less charging time
Better turning radius
Battery range
Lower cost of Mtto.
Adaptable configuration
Charging infrastructure
Technical support

Swipe Stations

Together with industrial partners, we have developed a battery-swapping system for heavy electric vehicles, revolutionizing the transportation industry. Ideal for logistics, construction, and industry, SPIC's solutions for electric trucks allow to transport up to 75 tons, reducing costs by up to 30%. In addition, we have the capacity and flexibility to install stations at strategic points along the route for battery replacement.


minutes to replace the battery

+ 250

km of autonomy and increasing.


units currently in operation worldwide.


We have technology that covers the fast charging needs of more than 100 cars at the same time and in the same place.


We have partners to provide technology for electric vehicles.

We offer a wide range of electric buses based on your needs, allowing you to achieve the best operational performance.

Last Mile

We offer key transportation in sustainable development for passengers and goods.


Space, safety, and comfort. We offer customized solutions according to business needs.

Specialized vehicles

We have specialized electric vehicles for different types of auxiliary use.

Together with XYZ, we provide state-of-the-art battery energy storage systems adaptable to residential, commercial, industrial, and utility capacities.
24/7 energy monitoring and control.
Efficient energy management
Power quality and stability.
Reliable supply.
Success story
We recently installed a storage plant in the Puerto Peñasco solar park, which benefits thousands of inhabitants in Sonora and Baja California.
Through a one-stop solution, we create intelligent energy ecosystems.
We integrate distributed generation, storage, and control of electricity supply, and monitoring of energy use.
We guarantee stability and efficiency, cost savings, resource efficiency, and ecological benefits.
Savings of
Reduction of energy consumption up
Increased effective energy use by
Smart Cities
Smart Buildings
Smart Plants
Intelligent Agriculture
We offer customized solar panels

These can simulate different colors or materials for building walls, roofs and even side panels. Our technology allows us to manufacture photovoltaic glass for windows or different graphic designs.

We have the world's leading technology that can upgrade and process traditional colored photovoltaic modules into functional building materials that fully integrate into the environment. These serve both aesthetic and energy-generating functions, replacing the original building facade decoration materials and sign boards.

Turning buildings into new power plants!