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SPIC-Zuma Energía Celebrates the Beauty of Renewable Energy through Photography at 'Vicente Guerrero' Primary School

21, 2023 - Tamaulipas - por Administrador

The power of photography to capture moments, emotions, and narratives is undeniable, and to inspire creativity and awareness about renewable energy, SPIC-Zuma Energía held a photography contest at "Vicente Guerrero" Primary School in the Ejido "La Llorona", in Reynosa.

Nine extraordinary photographs were presented. The contest, designed to foster an appreciation for clean and sustainable energy, attracted the participation of boys and girls, who through their lenses managed to capture the essence and importance of renewable energies in our environment.

Among the images received, two stood out for their creativity and focus. The winning photograph, captured by a 7-year-old boy, portrayed the beauty of a fully functioning wind landscape. The second place obtained by a girl, also 7 years old, gave us a composition that reflected the harmony between nature and renewable energy.

The contest not only represented an opportunity to celebrate visual art and the unique perspective of children, but it also served as a platform to promote awareness about the importance of renewable energy in our lives.

This event highlighted SPIC-Zuma Energía's commitment to education, creativity, and the promotion of a sustainable future, thus being promoters of caring for the environment and a green future.