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Building Strong Connections at SPIC-Zuma Energía

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25, 2024 - Ciudad de México - por Administrador

At SPIC-Zuma Energía, we understand that, to build a strong and cohesive team, it is crucial to foster spaces for collaboration and recreation outside of work-only times.

Our company is more than just a place to work; it is an environment where strong relationships are cultivated, and diverse talents are celebrated. We have spaces designed specifically to strengthen the bonds between our employees. From birthday celebrations to the promotion of sports and participation in cultural events, SPIC-Zuma Energía creates an environment where every team member can feel valued.

Birthday celebrations are moments to recognize and appreciate each person in the company. We encourage healthy competition and teamwork by supporting sports, recognizing that physical activity not only promotes health but also fellowship. In addition, the celebration of cultural events, such as Chinese New Year, reflects our dedication to embracing diversity and enriching our mutual understanding.

At SPIC-Zuma Energía, we recognize that true success is not only measured in terms of productivity but also the quality of relationships and the well-being of our team.