Conservation and Protection Actions at the Santa Maria Solar Park

In addition to generating solar energy, the Santa María Solar Park also conducts periodic activities for the conservation and protection of the environment. Discover them!

20, 2024 - Chihuahua - por Administrador

Responsible Waste Management

At Santa María Solar Park, we separate plant-based waste and treat it until the mineralization of its components. This process ensures that waste is managed sustainably, reducing its environmental impact and promoting ecosystem health.


One of our most important commitments is reforestation. At Santa María Solar Park, we have reforested and cared for 7,383 mesquites (Prosopis glandulosa) until they can survive independently. These reforestation activities not only improve local biodiversity but also contribute to carbon capture and the restoration of natural habitats.

Wildlife Protection

Wildlife protection is a priority in our park. We train our staff to coexist respectfully and safely with local wildlife. Additionally, we rescue and relocate slow-moving wildlife, including medically important species like the Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Bird Watching

We conduct bird-watching workshops that allow us to identify the species present in Santa María Solar Park and recognize the appropriate ways to coexist with them. These activities not only educate our staff about local biodiversity but also foster greater appreciation and respect for nature.

Wildlife Footprint Printing

Printing wildlife footprints allows us to visualize and confirm the presence of these animals, especially during the winter season. This practice is crucial for monitoring biodiversity and adapting our conservation strategies as needed.

Camera Trapping

The use of camera traps has allowed us to confirm the presence of wildlife, understand their habits, and better understand their interaction within Santa María Solar Park. This technology provides us with valuable data to improve our conservation and wildlife protection practices.

Dissemination of Safe and Respectful Practices

We continuously promote safe and respectful ways to interact with the environment. We firmly believe that education and awareness are key to environmental conservation, and we work hard to instill these values in our team and the community.


At Santa María Solar Park, our actions reflect our commitment to environmental conservation and the promotion of sustainable practices. We remain dedicated to protecting and improving our environment for future generations.